Play your way through history, conquer and change the flow of time.

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An Online Card Game Like No Other

Play history your way, in a truly free-to-play format. Compete against other players in our PVP‌ mode, and against the forces of history and nature in our single player campaign. Build your own decks with historical figures, events and locations. And express yourself with our various card skins.

Nothing in the BYGONE is 100% gated! Trade your cards for premium currency on our in game marketplace. Unlock any content you want.

Experience Augmented Reality Quests

Choose your side and compete against other seekers to achieve revolution or maintain balance.
Connect to your ancestors by taking augmented reality tours of monuments and historical locations guided by Historical Figures of the area. Win in-game prizes and rare unlockables by attending these events.

Good luck seekers. History awaits.

You are now subscribed to bygone's mailing list